Hagerty Vehicle Rating Top 25: Familiar trends and a few surprises


My sincere apologies to the NAVYEA! In all sincerity, I think it would be more interesting to own a Yugo than a Datsun 510. Perhaps because one ran a red light as I entered an intersection thirty years ago. They were cr*p then, and they still are.


How can the 2002 Firebird make the list without mentioning the 2002 Camaro SS/SLP Cars? Don’t get me wrong I like Firebirds also since they are damn near the same car. I like mine and just my opinion it is cleaner looking. Damn…mine still has the the original factory brakes on mine but I don’t race it and it is a 6 speed manual which helps.


We’ve seen Broncos, Power Wagons, Land rovers, Blazers, Jeeps and soon I believe, the next big bounce in values will be an American Icon, the International Harvester Scout and Scout II. Everywhere that I go people smile, share their story of either owning one or riding in their favorite uncle’s Scout. There are so few on the road that people just lose their mind when I pull into a parking lot.


I don’t know what everyone is bitching about. I own a beautiful 1968 Chevy C10 Panel Truck and love it! I hope the picture comes through.



I’m with you guy’s. I’ll stick with American Muscle! Keep their rice :smile:



How about this classic. 1966 Dodge dart 270 V8 273 with 19,953 original miles. One owner vehicle. That owner was my family, since new. My father bought this car for my mother, back in 1966 brand new, she quit driving it early in it’s life, he then parked and and only took it to shows. It has won People’s Choice, and Best of Show for all original in shows. Nothing has ever been done to this car, except replace dry rotted tires, and fuel pump.


Wheres the Fox body Mustangs? I thought they were all the rage right now.


This is my other show car. 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible. Complete restoration took 3 years and a whole bunch of money, it is a beauty now. I installed only original GM parts, including a new top, new original rims, and replaced the vinyl seats with leather.


Ha ha! I agree completely! I’m amazed at some of these vehicles people are considering collectible. The Yugo joke came about because maybe 20 years ago I ran into a guy who had one for sale that looked to be in mint condition with practically no miles, go figure! Anyway he was practically giving it away so I chuckled to my wife that we should buy it and put it away since it will be a high value survivor car eventually! Still glad I didn’t buy that steaming pile…


I know Hagerty does research but some of those cars ( Lincoln Town Car ) just don’t fit into my idea of a classic car.


Any pick up truck are hot, especially 4 X 4’s, IH trucks are a good pick, but so are Studebaker trucks, they need to be on the list, especially M and C cabs.


Classic is in the eye of the beholder. I never considered a 1994 Mark VIII a classic until my father passed and left me his.


Where is the love for A body MOPAR’s? A totally neglected line of classic muscle cars.




Love these lists. And love the feedback. I have to give a shout out to Mccabe 575. I own a 63 Split window and an IH Scout. The Scout gets way move love than the Vette. I can not believe these little trucks have not exploded in value.


Didn’t Ford make some Pick- Up Trucks? I think is was a series that began with an F something or other.


@ggwhale - This list is determined based on valuation changes and quoting activity at Hagerty. We have seen that the vehicles on this list has been gaining value and popularity recently.


Look; you know your are going to get comments like "where’s my car; its not on the list". We as “Car Guys” (Girls also; it’s just a term used) love ALL Cars. For example: I have two in my collection, neither are on the list but I know they are great, fun and collectable cars. The Alfa Romeo 164 I have in my opinion is growing in collectibility and will continue…I believe my year there were under 1,000 sold in the US…so come on…they have to be growing. Hey; on the list or not; older cars; those that hit the market and then left quickly for whatever reason, those that just are cool and aged and those that are…well a little different to me are fun to track down, purchase when you can and most important “Drive”. Enjoy your car, on the list or notInkedIMG_05311_LI![20170521_101058|690x388]


Here’s the Bug…Doesn’t bother me that it is “Not on the List”



I don’t get the Lincoln Town car. The Mark VIII, I can understand. It is a mis understood vechicle. I have 2 just for shows, and 1 Daily Driver. Lots of new ideas came with the MK VIII’s, the 32 valve engine in 93, commonly called a mustang engine, but mustang got it in 96, HID headlights in late 95, just to mention a few. At 70-80 mph, hit passing gear, and it’ll put you back in the seat, but driving nicely, I’ve gotten 29 mpg. Average mileage street / freeway 19mpg. Not bad for 20 year old cars, better than some new cars. A luxury loaded hot rod, where the TC is a boat.