Hagerty website VERY slow when updating details for each auto


Like some others here, I have an auto collection, and I wanted to update valuations and deductibles for my cars. Having used the website before and not liking it, I tried calling in and after 10 minutes waiting I decided to go back and use the website update method. It is very tedious as the website updates after each individual selection of deductibles and valuation, and each update is very slow - probably 20-60 seconds for each (I did this between 3-5PM PST on a Wed afternoon).

It would be very helpful to add an Excel export and import feature so that the details can be edited offline and then changes imported all at once.

Maybe I’m an exception, but I have over 40 cars and this was painful. Anyone else have this problem? Know of a solution?


@56vwoval - Thanks for the note regarding the website slowdown. We are making regular updates to the website that cause slowness at times. The spreadsheet idea is a good idea and I will share it with our developers. To help sooner, I can have one of our account specialists reach out and assist with those value and deductible updates if you message me a preferred form of contact.


Hi Kyle,

Got an email from John O. – will talk to him tomorrow and get everything straightened out. Thanks