Hagerty's Drivers Club Problems

So i just signed up for the Drivers Club and it kept giving me errors accessing and won’t let me log in. So i’ve spent $45 and the website is not working properly

Hello @jeremy.henshin:

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the Hagerty website. If you send us a private message with your phone number we will have one of our agents call you to help get the website straightened out for you.

Keep driving,
Hagerty moderation team

Same thing is happening to me. Signed up, paid $175, got the confirmation email, clicked the link to verify account, logged in, and anytime I click “manage account” or “get ID cards” or anything account related I either get 403 forbidden errors, or I get a salesforce error page. I have tried multiple browsers.

Yeah, yeah…“call our representative to fix your problems” I will, but would rather not have to waste my time, and would vastly prefer a website that worked.

They told me its a problem on their side. Seems like their IT didn’t really fix the problem for new members.

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“Resolution” after calling is to ‘wait for IT to fix it, and hopefully I’ll gain access to basic account information in an hour or so.’ There’s always hope.

Twelve days later, and two calls to customer service, and the problem persists. Did they ever resolve your problem Jeremy?

And to any customer reps reading this, what do you recommend? Two calls, twelve days, nothing’s arrived in the mail yet, and there’s no other avenue to contact Hagerty that I can find.

They fixed mine after giving them a call, it took probably 5hrs or so. Its weird they haven’t fix yours, because if you can’t log in you can’t pretty much access the discounts and event registrations. The only thing you’ll get from the mail is a card and info if you need roadside assistance, no discount codes or anything. So pretty much you need to log in to your account. I hope yours get fix asap, twelve days is a lot

@rdpmackie - Thank you for the response here. We know this type of situation is frustrating and we appreciate your patience and letting us know it is not fixed yet.

I have escalated the IT request to fix the error currently holding you back from logging in. I don’t have a specific timeframe for the fix, I expect it to be within the week, and you will get a call when it is straightened out.

Thank you,
Kyle with the Hagerty Moderation Team

The problems with the web site are abundant. I have been trying to pay my bill online. I log in, ask to go to my account, and get the message: “500 - A SERVER ERROR OCCURRED The server encountered an unexpected condition that kept it from fulfilling your request.” So I go back to the email and click on the PAY RENEWAL NOW button and I get asked the question of my policy number, along with my date of birth. when I click enter, again I get the error message: " 500 - A SERVER ERROR OCCURRED The server encountered an unexpected condition that kept it from fulfilling your request." I clicked on chat to ask for help, and the person there said I need to call in. Not sure what the purpose of CHAT is if the first response is I need to call in. Seems the CHAT is as useless as the web site. OK, so lets see what the value of my Ford Model A is. Nope! can’t do. Seems the web site only has values of cars going back to 1949. I guess the 1929 Model A is not owned by many people. Nor the previous Model T. In closing, and I can’t believe I am saying this, Hagerty needs to take a lesson from the California DMV. There, you click on renewal, type in the last 5 of vin number, the lic number, and your credit card, and you are done. Can you believe it? The California DMV has a better system then privet enterprise does? Crazy. Russ

@russ3 - Thank you for the feedback. Were you able to pay your renewal or are you still having issues? We very much want to make sure we can get everything working correctly for you.

Regarding the lack of Model A and Model T pricing in the Hagerty Valuation Tools, the additions to the list of vehicles we track are based on demand. Currently we are seeing higher demand in late-model vehicles as their prices tend to be fluctuating more compared to pre-war vehicles. It’s not to say we will never add Model A or T’s to the Valuation Tools, as they are quite collectable and have been holding value very steady for many years, it is only a matter of time.

To help the process, I would encourage you to suggest adding it by selecting the “Can’t find your vehicle” at the bottom of the page in the Valuation Tool. By requesting it there, it is added to the other suggestions, which is where the demand is drawn from.

Thank you,
Kyle with the Hagerty Moderation Team

Well here we go again im experiencing problems again accessing discount portals and account management. I just have to cancel this drivers club since i can’t access anything not even worth signing up and paying for it. Expect a call from me tomorrow