Haynes Manual creator John Haynes dies at 80


Entrepreneur John Haynes, who founded the Haynes Publishing Group and created the iconic Haynes Manual guidebooks for repairing vehicles of every description, died February 8 due to illness. He was 80.

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A life well lived, he will be missed. I know I’ve used his Haynes manuals and advised many to buy them over the decades.


I have a stack of his manuals too. But there’s always one tiny bit missing like the rest of the wiring diagram of windshield wiper motors or info on a body part removal. Hmmm… maybe a new million dollar venture - The Haynes Sub-Group Manual or the Out Takes Boxed Set?


I have used his manuals when i was younger. They were helpful on somethings but the Chilton manuals seemed to be much more thorough.


Mr. Haynes has left a legacy that will forever be remembered by DIY auto enthusiasts and the Automotive Community. His works will live on as dog eared, greasy finger printed books in home garages and independent shops alike.

I remember my early days a teenager with his first car, a Haynes Manual became an early investment and one of my first steps on a 30+ year journey as a DIY mechanic and auto enthusiast. I would come to greatly appreciate the “every man” level of knowledge that the Haynes Manual provided, as opposed to the more expensive books that often appeared to be mainly a reprint of the factory manual, with references to specialty tools and procedures I would never be able to afford nor perform.

Between my father, brother & Mr. Haynes’ Publications, my love of cars and my ability to understand and work on them has gown ever more through the years. Each new vehicle I own ultimately spurs on the purchase of a corresponding Haynes Manual.

Thank you again for your contribution to the Automotive Community as a whole. God’s speed John Haynes.


Haynes makes you feel better all under - the car… RIP John


I wouldn’t say that I knew John but I met him a few times, great guy!
I had a printing company for 20 years and we did printing for their office in Newbury Park California, not the actual manuals, stationary mostly, some advertising items, once in a while supplements to the manuals.

I don’t know if he lived in the area but a few times while making a delivery I’d see him in the office and we’d have small talk. Once he asked my what kind of car I had, when I told him I had a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe he had one of the office ladies get me a 1940 Ford manual.

I still have the 40 Ford and the manual he gave me.
Thanks John, you’ll be missed!