Hell yeah to the Hellephant, Mopar’s 1000-hp Hemi crate engine


I respectfully disagree with you on the younger generation. I don’t think that lack of interest by Millennials is necessarily the issue with the demise of the muscle car. Lack of funds, absolutely! I’m a millennial and I own a 69 Grand Prix. I love it and am fortunate to have found it at a steal of a price. One trouble that younger generations have to face that older ones might not have are 10+ years of student loans, rising housing costs and the rising cost of a used car to get to work. That said, older millennials (those guys are approaching 40) are absolutely entering the market and strong data suggests that gen x and millennial activity in the collector car market is poised to exceed that of baby boomers in the next couple years.


actually… “CUBIC MONEY!” :stuck_out_tongue: