Hello friends I am new to this forum

Hi I’m Claire Divas. I’m new to this forum. How are you all? I live in New York and love to listen to music. Everyone will help me, friends.

Welcome- we’re glad to have you with us. I hope you enjoy your time here c:

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Thank you I also want you to help me

@clairedivas056 - Thanks for joining us, happy to have you!

What is it that you need help with? This is a community of knowledgeable folks, but I can’t promise we know everything!

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Welcome to the community. As stated, we’ll be happy to help with anything automotive wise, but lack knowledge for all else. Grew-up in Metro-NYC/L.I. millenniums ago but still have a fondness of racing against taxicabs up and down Park Avenue on Manhattan.

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Thank you all Everyone will help me in the way I believe