Help save the Hawaii Five-0 Mercury

From 1968–80, Jack Lord ruled Oahu with a lantern jaw and a knockout punch. We knew him as Captain Steve McGarrett, head of a fictional special police task force called Hawaii Five-O. Week after week, viewers would tune in to hear the drums, watch the curling waves, and see McGarrett put ruthless criminals away with a terse order to his right-hand man: “Book ’em, Danno.” Now, there's a chance to save part of the show’s heritage.

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I am a fan of both 5O series. It would be great if this Merc could be restored to it former glory. Counts Customs of Las Vegas would be an amazing choice to do the job, and would be a fantastic episode of Counts Customs for all of us to see it being completed.

not a montego a marquis- montego was sporty and far nicer

Its an interesting car/story … but forty grand to restore a ‘74 Mercury Marquis? Is it really in that bad of shape or is someone looking to turn their “5-0 delusions of grandeur” into an “over restoration”? Without Jack Lord, this car would be a $300 parts car or “yard barn”. A really nice “tribute car” would cost less than half that amount.

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I would leave it just like it is. If you restore it you lose a little bit of both spirits.

Is he asking that we help pay for this far-too-expensive restoration? It’s his car… let him pay. On the other hand, I have a very unique and special car, too. Please send me money to fix it up! :slight_smile:


Agreed. You want to make money off the car you pay to have it restored.

This seems to be the “new normal” since go-fund-me made it easy to on-line panhandle.
Reminds me of a couple at our local yacht club… she needed some kind of surgery which they supposedly couldn’t afford, so they set up a go-fund-me account to pay for it. 40k of donated funds later she gets her surgery. This past year they bought themselves a new 40’ sailboat. Hmm… :thinking:


I agree with tahend; don’t restore— preserve! Do a mechanical restoration; leave the patina. That tells the story of the car.

Shame that those who supposedly loved the car so much didn’t take care of it. Stick it in an auction, or sell it by the pound. Lots of metal in those old cars. 5-0 was a cool show back in the day, because few people could even dream of seeing Hawaii, not because of great stories or acting. Jack Lord may have gone to the William Shatner school of acting, and that car went to the QE2 school of vehicles :rofl:

Do not confuse the 1968 car owned by Michael Timothy (not the subject of this GoFundMe restoration project) and the 1974 car owned by the late John Nordlum. Mr. Nordlum is not alive to pay for the restoration himself, and one might assume there was no money in his estate to do so, either. Considering the foundation is a registered non-profit, this GoFundMe does not appear to be a money-grab for a personal restoration project.

Just like the '68 Michael Timothy will use a gaggle of donor cars to “recreate” the Hawaii 50 car for display and show purposes. Very little of the car will remain original, what little left there is.
He is a “show” guy not a “Car” guy. It might even make a cameo appearance on the revived H-50 show.

I’m contemplating a GoFundMe…Kittens without Mittens. Are these tax exempt? A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

I’m a devoted fan of both renditions of Hawaii Five-O. I am a 5-0. I live in Hawaii. I’m thinking that Merc story is right out of the Big Book of Who Cares? It’s a stodge-mobile. ZZZZ… I can’t believe they hauled that thing out to our beloved rock in the first place! I hope it’s back on the mainland…heading for the crusher. Future enthusiasts would be justified in being excited about the cool Chevys they use in the series these days, however.

Couldn’t it just be squashed into an authentic, “original” longboard? Mahalo :metal:

Yo Bruddah- You idea mo’ bettah! Me tink dere is almost 'nuf material in dat reck to make a Duke original!
Mahalo nui loa!

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We are pleased. Unusual accent for the islands. Bob Maui? Dolestafarian? ♫Every little bolt, gonna be all right♪

Yo Brah! You funny guy! Make dis ol haole chuckle! Your tune reminds me of our dearly departed ‘Iz’ with a Weird Al twist! Malama pono!

You also.
(and yes, this German, English, Irish & Welsh haole had to look up, “Mahalo nui loa”)