Henry Ford: Industrial titan and, believe it or not, school headmaster


At one time or another, you may have fantasized about sharing a cup of coffee or a beer with a personal hero, dead or alive. For car nuts that might be Harley Earl, David Revson, Carroll Shelby, or Stirling Moss. Hagerty customer Bob Panter actually experienced greatness on a regular basis when he was a kid, attending a school in which the one-and-only Henry Ford served as unofficial headmaster.

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Great article, and reminds me of my neighbor, who attended the same school.

Henry Ford was also an avid Contra Dancer. Contra dancing is an early form of dancing that the farmers would enjoy, as the steps were always ‘walked through’ before each dance, so one didn’t have to really learn the steps. The Virginia Reel is a contra dance. Men and women are facing ‘contra’ to each other in a line, thus the name contra dancing.

The school no doubt did some of this dancing, and Lovett Hall, a large dance ballroom next to the Henry Ford Museum, was built in honor of Lovett, Henry Ford’s Contra dance teacher. Up until recently, as late as 2014, contra dancing was a regular affair, but for some reason , the museum has not featured dances recently. Tis a shame, Henry Ford loved to have fun, and what is more fun than dancing to a fiddle, dulcimer, and caller, with your friends…??