Here are the 5 best hood ornaments, according to you

We asked to hear what your favorite hood ornaments were on the Hagerty Forums this week and you sounded off with great replies. From the 45 responses, we pulled out the five that got multiple votes to highlight them as the favorites you said they are. Here they are.

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the curves of the goddess …!

The Pontiac had one that would light up.

I’m a little biased to my car’s:

It’s so sleek, not over the top, and reminiscent of the Art Deco era most car makers were leaving.

Information concerning the Packard hood ornament. “The cormorant hood ornament was introduced as a senior or deluxe hood ornament in the early 1930. It was in use until 1957, at last in highly stylized form”

I somehow missed the voting or suggestions, but these are some of my favorites. There is an amazing, huge collection, literally a room full of unique, beautiful hood ornaments at the Gilmore Museum https://www.gilmorecarmuseum.org in Hickory Corners, Michigan. Can you tell I was blown away? I visited there last year and hope to go back someday. This is one of those places that you can’t see it all in one day. They have many large buildings with hundreds of cars. Even what looks like dealerships with that brand only. Here are a few of my hundreds of photos. IMGP8472 IMGP8473

How could the early 30’s Pierce Arrow not have made this list?

I recently noticed the lovely 1948 DeSoto

Definitely at the top of my list!!!

I like the “426” hood ornament on my '65 Plymouth Sport Fury. That shows there’s something special under the hood.
Joe Godec

Here, I helped you out :slight_smile:


I can’t believe that the Quail from a Model A Ford didn’t make it. Sheesh.


My favorite hood ornament isn’t likely to dissect a person on impact, also it need no further explanation to its origin, just a humble indicator of impeccable quality so long as it’s prior to 1992 when the real Mercedes-Benz cars were produced. Don’t take my word for it - own one and see for yourself.

The Gilmore Car Museum does have a great collection of hood ornaments. I’m kind of partial to my 41 Packardimage

Here is one of my favorites.

In the late 70s, my wife had an XJ6L. It came with no hood ornament. We were in London on a vacation, and I stopped at the Jaguar dealer there and bought one. Put it on her car. It now resides on my desk on a hardwood stand. It will always be my favorite. ……Jim.

Some great selections. But I thought that the Rolls-Royce hood ornament was based on an ancient statue, “the winged victory of Samothrace”?

I sure think the leaping cat was one of the coolest but that Nash hood ornament just slayed me! I don’t recall ever seeing one of those—so sexy. I checked Hemmings and it appears not all 50’s Nash models had them. What model Nash’s were they available on? It almost make me want to buy one to get the hood ornament!

I agree on the Mercedes. I own both the MB and Jaguar cars. My favorite view is to look out over the hood. Pre 1992 MB quality is so true, however post 04 Jaguar are better quality wise

I love all the ornaments. But I would like to add my favorite. The 1928 duPont! https://autoweek.com/sites/default/files/styles/gen-738-415/public/P1170617.JPG