Here is what it takes to be a sponsor in the two largest racing series


A couple of years ago, the podcast I cohost had the opportunity to sponsor a Micra Cup race entry by way of an 8-by-11-inch sticker. It would be displayed on either side of the rear bumper of the nearly stock Nissan racer that serves as the backbone of the single-make series.

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I got into a racing sponsorship deal with my company a few years back. Was a 5 race deal with Discount Tire to co-sponsoring a stadium super truck in Robby Gordon’s trophy truck series that follows Indy Car. Total deal was $50,000 for 5 races, so $10,000 per race, and my space on the truck cost me $5,000, so $1,000 per race. I got a hell of a bargain. The back half of the truck on each side had my logo as did half of the hood so essentially half the truck for 10% of the going rate.

Also got the race driver to wear my logo branded clothing during TV interviews and other commitments. Coolest part was when the race went to Las Vegas and I turn on NBCSN and I see the #87 truck flying across the screen with the Las Vegas strip in the background with my logo adorning half the truck.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I received a quantifiable boost in sales and interest in the business directly stemming from that sponsorship so the ROI was worth it for me. Not always the case though in racing sponsorships.

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And then there are guys like me who just to look more “pro” in the SCCA spec Mazda RX7 series I was running actively sought out sponsors to put on my car ( for no charge ) just to have something filling the very noticeable white expanse of vehicle. They were happy to oblige but when I asked about the effect it had on business it was nil. But then again, it was an unknown spec series and I did look good doing it.