Here is your 2018 Collector Car Madness bracket


With the 2018 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments underway, we’re jumping on the bandwagon with our own collector-car bracketology. That’s right, it’s time for our first Collector Car Madness tournament.

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I would love to see the Karmann Ghia upset the 914, and the #9 seed 1969-1973 Porsche 911
had better upset the 2002-2007 Nisssan 350Z!


T Bird vs RX-7 is gonna be a fight to the death


I think the 93-98 Supra will dominate the 90-02 Merc SL class, The R32 Skyline will smoke the TR3 and the 90-89 Miata will upset the 03-06 Viper. Why? Because the answer is always Miata.


I’m thinking the RX-7 is gonna smoke the T-Bird!


Only the Pontiac Fiero representing Pontiac…come on. Well good match up with Allante!


The MGA has to be favored over the later T-Bird, how could they be seeded that low? an 11 seed? Oh, the committee never gets it right.


this was one of the hardest first round match-ups for me to pick!


Kinda disappointed…no BMW M roadster/coupe? And unless I missed it…No BMW E30 M3??? Actually no BMW of any type? C’mon…I call foul!


No BMW, no Austin Healey and possibly the worst MG ever made; the 1975-1980 MGB, but not the MG TC, the sports car America loved first? Oh, but we definitely, definitely have to have the Fiero.


No early Datsun Z? What about the 510?


MGA all the way. The first sports car to sell over 100,000 because it has everything going for it - classic British looks, body on frame, an engine that any shade tree mechanic can work on, it can keep up with any of today’s traffic with ease, and great parts availability.


I’ll admit bias, but the Fiat 124 Spider has it hands down over the Spitfire. Making the decision because of it’s name? Lets see, disc brakes on all 4 wheels, a twin cam Lamperdi engine with dual webers, a 5 speed gear box, and which one gets the top up and down easier? It should should have made it out of the first round before being crushed in the second.


Well Guys, I was delighted to see the 1997 Lincoln Town Car, especially since I acquired one last Labor Day weekend. And it is a “Cartier special edition.” --all paperwork since the showroom floor, including the window sticker of $48, 940. (1997) As I remember, I bought a house in Laguna Beach, CA with an ocean view for $36,500 in 1969-70.


In the West bracket, the Porsche 944, in particular the 944 Turbo introduced in 1986, brought the transaxle Porsche option to the forefront of a great driving experience. Yes, the RX-7 was less expensive, but the 944T brought the road and track performance to a more robust and complete level.


What a shame to feed a TR3 to The Tiger!? Skylines are in a class of their own!


pppth. dood. Poncho-breath LOL