Here is your 2019 Hagerty Collector Car Madness Bracket

As much fun as it is to argue with your uncle at family reunions about your favorite cars, the conversation is ultimately about as productive as trying to locate that missing 10-mm socket. Commendable, but pointless. What if there were some way to settle the matter, perhaps by matching up cars from a variety of demographics against one another in a totally unscientific, bracket-style showdown?

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I’m putting my money on the Corvette winning it all.

That was my first thought as well, but everybody loves an underdog.

I don’t do FB. The Vette and the Buick GN will battle it out.

The 1963 Corvette is by far the winner. I recall seeing the first one in my neighborhood in 63 and it was beautiful. What a car. The following year that owner had the bar removed from the split window so it would look like a 64. For shame.

Some really odd matchups here. Too bad one can only vote on Facebook, where I choose not to tread.

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I’m actually in the process of buying my dream car. 1994 Nissan skyline gtr r32. It is due here in California this month. It was built in March. Go GTR!

I agree with others above - the Corvette wins hands down. I still remember the first time I ever saw a '63 Stingray coupe. I was in 8th grade, standing on the corner across the street from my school when one came down the street. My jaw dropped open and I swore that someday I’d own one. Ten years later, while in the Navy, I bought my first car - a brand new '73 L82 Corvette. It was stolen two years later. I cried like a baby.

Corvettes and U.S.Navy Don’t get better than that :grinning:

Take this perspective… you have only one bay in your garage and there can only be one vehicle that you can get in and drive and enjoy. Which one gives you the biggest smile? Which one will get you the most conversations at the weekly show and shine (that’s part of the fun of owning a collector vehicle)? American muscle? Never a bad choice… America’s Sports car (I own a 58 and 69 Vette)? Sure but there are lots of them. A pickup? An early SUV? A Euro sedan? If I had only one bay, it would be the Transporter. Take it to the beach, get groceries, load up the family for a cruise with the roof open. Iconic, unique, easy to work on… the nice thing about March madness is next year there will be a different winner. Damn, I need a bigger garage!

Like actual sports playoffs, some of the early matchups cruelly eliminate a team that would otherwise go several rounds. In this case, the Dodge Charger and VW Bus will be knocked off for no reason than they drew champs not chumps as opponents. Maybe throw the Skyline in there too, but it’s not my cup of green tea anyway.

Facebook? Uh, no. Nosiree.

Interesting - both the concept (timely) and the selections (several sleepers). But Facebook? Come on… All that work and you chose to ignore a huge segment of your public. Those of us who value privacy and have little interest in what my former assistant’s sister-in-law’s cousin had for lunch are shut out. I hope you’re not as short-sighted at policy renewal time or I’m history.

The selections are interesting - and of course dependent on condition. Only one other requirement for voting - you should be able to pay the auction bid. As with most auctions - perhaps you should prequalify voters.

I’ll take the 400 HP LS2 Goat, please. With automatic. Because a stick is fun but I have other far better shifting rides for that. Give me a collectible that I can drive and enjoy daily. Give me a Goat and an open highway and I will gobble up the miles on my way to some fun at the Dragon before returning home and hitting the local quarter mile strip on Test and Tune Night. Oh, and give me a Maggie supercharger kit while you are at it.

Too bad the only way to participate is Facebook…not going to happen. Sorry, bad choice.

I have only experience with two of the choices, the Bentley Turbo R and the VW Transporter. I drove the Bentley at Mosport, invited by RR at its debut. I owned a '67 VW split-window van, the first sliding door model. The Bentley was exhilarating, but I had more fun with the VW.

I think the gen x 1 seed should have been the c3. That is a coke bottle figure, not some charger. Everyone I know near my age, 38, and is into cars thinks 68-72 is the most beautiful car ever made. It’s those sweeps and curves, man.

Come on! We can do better then these. A whole lot of boring here!

I agree. Though I would like to vote, I’m not joining the rumor mill that is Facebook for the privilege. I’ll take the Corvette and maybe spot you some points. I’d like to have one in my garage.

Come on, guys! Many of us don’t do Facebook for all of the obvious security reasons. Why do we have to use Facebook to vote on our favorite?
You are stacking the deck against the Boomers by requiring voting using FB!