Here is your 2019 Hagerty Collector Car Madness Bracket


Too bad you require a Facebook account to answer! That is going to eliminate me and many other Boomers who value their privacy. Good game - but really bad execution!


I had a 67 vette coupe and still have a Gbody. Vette wins! To bad I don’t Face Book either.


Facebook only, really? Very short sided on your part. Anyway, it’s gonna come down to the vette vs Camaro. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. So save everybody’s time and crown one of those 2 now. :roll_eyes:


I agree with many that the Corvette will probably win. I am another that does not partake in Facebook either. No excuse for one of the Millenial choices not winning? We will see.


Fun idea but the result won’t indicate the most popular collector car however it will indicate the most popular collector car among Facebook users that receive the Hagerty email newsletter and participate in online surveys. Again, fun idea and at the end of the day the result doesn’t really matter but it does serve as an excellent illustration of how a survey (or polling data!) can be skewed based on what questions are asked, how they’re asked and the forum they are asked in.


I agree with the majority, the 63 Vette has it! I had a 64 coupe that I constantly regret selling, 327/365 HP what a great car! I don’t do facebook so no vote here.


What happened to the 1932 Ford??? Seems to me the king of collectibles has been omitted. Was that done in order to give other cars a chance?


Since price is the final indicator of popularity, I’m going to suggest that the biggest dollar vehicle will win.
FACEBOOK? Not a chance.


@gottaroll32 - Each matchup was decided by a vote this year, so public opinion knocked the '32 Ford out of contention. Personally I was surprised to see the it out so early.


Thanks, Kyle.
I do enjoy reading all of the Hagerty news and views.