Here’s how Hagerty celebrates National Doughnut Day

Today, like every June 7th since 1938, is National Doughnut Day. We could celebrate doughnuts every day of the year, but it would take a serious toll on our waistlines. Instead, we Americans single out one day to highlight the service of Salvation Army and Red Cross volunteers helping the military, who traditionally served doughnuts to troops beginning more than 100 years ago during WWI.

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Doesn’t exactly put enthusiasts in a good light or that their cars are well cared for. There is also the liability of when you let up on it and the tires hook up and take off in a direction you did not expect which is as common as not.

Lighten up a bit he is well under control. You learn how to better control your vehicle by practicing skids and donuts

Yeah really, what’s the point of having a “muscle” car if you can’t play with it every now and then.

Agreed. The driver clearly has control of the car at all times and obviously knows how to do this safely and on a closed course where safety of others can be insured. HAPPY DONUT DAY!!

Treadwear 000 traction 000 Temp A+++ looks like a poor tire but what FUN