Here’s how Hedman Hedders makes a high-performance exhaust

Hedman Hedders has been building headers for trucks and muscle car applications in the same Whittier, California, manufacturing facility for more than 20 years. From raw material to packaging, Hedman completes almost every process under one roof. We recently received an invite to see the steps that go into making a set of headers in this 100,000 square-foot facility, and we watched as applications for V-6, classic muscle car V-8, and LS swaps were built by their team of fabricators. Ready to get your gearhead geek on? Let’s dive in.

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I stuffed a Buick 455 Stage 1 into a Nova and it awesome but finding headers has been rough. Does Headman make headers for a specific application like this ?

Seeing as how we used Hedman Hedders on the built 401 my Son and I dropped into his '73 Gremlin X, I loved how the opening picture of this article shows AMC dogleg-style headers! Cool!

Headman started in Ontario Calif was there for years then moved to Mexico now I see there in Whitter Ca, I have a put 50 yrs in that business

Hedman never moved to Mexico. Their plant has always been in California. You must be confusing them with a different manufacturer.