Here’s how you can unlock a car door with string (seriously)


We had 2 VW Jettas. The wife picked up the wrong set of keys. The car wouldn’t start, after a number of tries she realized she had the wrong keys. Simple get the right keys and start the car. Wrong Not that easy after a unspecified number of tries the ignition will not accept any keys for security reasons. A tow to the VW dealership, new security programming and an entire day wasted plus almost $500 all over using the wrong key. Lesson learned never own 2 similiar model cars.


Those plastic magnetic key boxes rust (magnets) over time and fall off. Found mine in the driveway. 64 Impala ragtop, coat hanger under the hood, pop the lock in less than a minute. New Corvette key fobs eat batteries, can’t get it out of gear at times, carry spare Fob batteries.


Had to call CAA to unlock my XJS when keys were misplaced. Turns out the guy was a locksmith of sorts and knew all the tricks. On the XJS you can simply remove the drivers door mirror from the outside, reach in and access the auto locking system. I understand many older cars with elect. locks can be opened this way.


coathangers from above.in the late 70s.on a double date camping trip to lake mendecino,the four of use had spent the day driving ,and doing the roadtrip party. well upon ariving in our little toyota 2door,we hastelly pulled the tent off the top of the car,since we had,arrived well after dark we ended up just crawling in as it lay on the ground.in the am ,tragedy struck. our keys were locked in the car,this was bad.we tried going through the trunk as it was tied down,too full to close. nothing the fuel tank created a wall,across behind rear seat.after what seemed to be a long while trying to get in the tiny car,I gave up and took in the veiw of the lake only yards away .it was buetiful early july sitting on a picknick table looking out through a few trees at the lake . I thought a couthanger would be good. and what did i see hanging in the tree just within reach,a rusty wire hanger all ready bent for the job.I called to my buddy ,you see that ? what fortune came upon us that day within minutes we were in the car.unbelievable but true.that was one very interesting camping trip from the start.I put the wire hanger back where I found it, in the tree.


I was a mechanic at Tampa Volvo in the mid-1970s and each of us had a piece of brazing wire with a 1 inch “L” bent on the end. In a few seconds, we could slip that in between the door glass and weatherstrip to hook the locking lever on the latch and pull up. When a customer saw us do that sometimes they would say, “I didn’t know it was that easy to break into my car.” Our reply was, “You only have to worry about Volvo mechanics, so be nice to us.”


2008 service manager 5 line GM dealer, customer retired school teacher 2005 GMC Envoy. Teacher called and had a dead battery called me at dealership and said she had gotten jumped and was on way to dealership. I told her not to turn off SUV when she got there and would get right in shop. Thirty minutes later get a call from teacher in hysterics as she is in service lane and LOCKED in car and cannot get out! I walk out side and find her frantic, she turned off car when she got there and doors would not unlock due to dead battery. Had the hardest time making her understand how to unlock the doors manually as lock was right above door handle. Got her calmed down and out she told me she had never knew what that part above door handle was!