Here’s how you slam a 1968 Dodge D200 pickup

Mopar is sending a total of 14 customized vehicles to SEMA, one of which is this fantastic Dodge pickup slammed to the ground. And while its factory versatility may be slightly compromised at this point, this truck will still return great fuel economy, thanks to its six-cylinder diesel engine.

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Nothing that couldn’t fixed in a month, for a few thousand dollars.

I have a yellow original 1968 Dodge D 100 318 automatic with100,000 miles from Oregon migrated to PEI Canada. I like it just the way it is.

MJ Delaney

I’m guessing yours doesn’t have the wheel/tire look of a '50s Radio Flyer toy wagon? :wink:

Nice looking truck. Well done

That color isn’t close to “Maroon”. It ain’t much darker than straight Candy Apple Red.

This is one of those “It’s their truck, and they can do what they want with it” kind of things. Though if it had been my truck, I wouldn’t have done it. Those wheels look totally out of place on that rig. They look like they were sourced off an old school bus, and are far too large for the proportions of that frame.

Car enthusiasts are a strange lot. If you do something that they do not like they simply forget it’s not their vehicle and start hating. I once told someone commenting on my lowered vehicle that I didn’t realize they were making the payments on it. Guess I am saying it is not your truck and if you don’t like it great, they won’t ask you to pay for the modifications or ask you to ride in it.I happen to like the new stance but if I didn’t I would comment to myself realizing it wasn’t built to please me.

Except when you put your vehicle on display then you should expect it to be critiqued, and when you make horrible decisions like on those wheels, you can expect people to say out loud that it looks stupid. Most of the workmanship and concepts on that truck are gorgeous and I would be proud to have it. As stated earlier there’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed in a month for a few thousand dollars.

And my point is if you built the truck and chose what wheels you wanted to put on it there would be somebody that called them a horrible decision. And then your thought would be?


That’s a hard question to answer, because if somehow I was able to build a truck that looked like that I would just be staring at those wheels and going, “What was I thinking?” I mean oh, come on, even if I had to grab a can of Rust-Oleum and paint the bumper to match the wheels or the wheels to match the bumper it would be an improvement over that. But seriously, they look like the wagon wheels from a child’s toy and do not match that beautiful truck at all. Face it, there’s a difference between don’t understand and don’t agree, and we just aren’t going to agree.

Really not a matter of disagreeing. I don’t care for the wheels either. My point is it’s not my truck so he can put whatever wheels he wants. And I will keep my opinion about the wheels to myself. Others chose to voice there’s but would probably take offense if the shoe was on the other foot. Not saying you would but…