Here’s what actually happens when VTEC kicks in


Introduced on motorcycle engines, Honda has been using its VTEC variable valve lift system on cars since 1989. It was first seen in the United States in the Acura NSX in 1991, years before it was spilling forth from the mouths of youth in the heat of the ’90s tuner car craze. With all the hype around the technology, a lot people may be wondering what actually happens when VTEC is working.

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Vtec didn’t show up in production Honda motorcycles until the 2002 VFR800. And it was not the same version of Vtec as the car engine. The VTEC on the bike engine would run on 2 valves per cylinder until about 6800rpm where it would engage 2 more valves per cylinder


Great article - brief and to the point. I had an understanding of Vtec, but the simple diagram makes it much easier to visualize this system!