Here’s your chance to own a “Derelict” 1950 Buick Roadmaster customized by Icon

Icon only does things one way: Over the top. The Southern California speed shop founded by Jonathan Ward marries classic designs with modern performance in some of the coolest cars around. Although best known for his stunning Toyota FJs and Ford Broncos, Ward also has a solid reputation for the retro thing with his Derelicts.

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Isn’t it ironic…

That people who normally don’t have to deal with rust from salty wintry streets…

Love “the look”, and are willing to pay top $$$ for it?

Perhaps we, here, in the Midwest, are doing it wrong. Maybe we should just start trading our rusted out stuff for the non-rusty new and shiny looking stuff they don’t like on the west coast?

It certainly would be easier (and perhaps more financially viable) than trying to purge rust, the cancer of all automobiles, from our classics…