Here's to the V-6, the engine world’s unsung workhorse


Where about in N.Y., do travel and like to find a old V-6 if your interested in selling

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I am Also in Rochester ,NY . Were Neighbors !!! Please contact me Richie Thanks a ton …


I am in Croton on Hudson-about 30 miles north of NY City


Croton on Hudson, NY-about 30 miles north of NY City


I am VERY Interested . Would You Sell Me ONE ? Also , what is your Price?

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Here’s the V6 turbo I love. 300%20zx%20cover

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You might have mentioned the Volkswagon VR6, which is maybe closer to an inline with a narrow v angle. I have one in a Touareg. It cranks out 280 HP from a naturally aspirated 3.6 L with 12:1 compression and direct injection. And it runs on regular gas!

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A very important V6 has been ignored : Chevy’s 2.8 V6, used on many GM cars in the 80s. Strong (for the era), most reliable and when well tuned, a great sounding one as in my 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. Still has it and it sounds awesome.

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Slant 6?? Probably one of Chrysler’s most important engines. Over the years we owned three Mopar slant 6 vehicles. You could not kill those engines.


That Mitsubishi V6 is an oil leaking, oil burning mess.


To give this underappreciated engine design it’s day in the sun.
No, you give this under-appreciated engine design ITS day in the sun.


For shipping engines and such, I’ve found Fastenal to be about half the going rate of normal truck/freight shipping.
Just put it on a palette and bring it to your local Fastenal store and they deliver it to the nearest branch to your zip code.
My 2 cents.
Cheers, Kurt
Owner of 2 Lancia V-6’s that no one commented on!
The engine that Ferrari bought, along with Lancia’s entire racing division, starting their line of V-6’s


I have to put in a plug for the Mazda K8 1.8-liter V-6. It was used in the MX-3 back in the early '90s. One of the smallest V-6’s ever made, DOHC 24 valve, and a complete technological wonder. And it sounds absolutely glorious when you wind it all the way up to its 7,500 rpm rev limiter.


I worked in the factory that built GM’s 3800 V-6. That high-quality engine could run 250,000 miles with no issues. Little known fact is that most of the machines that built that motor ( block boring line, head line, crankshafts, cams, rods) were all from the first generation V-6 built by Buick starting in 1961. When V-8’s were more popular in the late60’s, all the machines were sold to American Motors in 1967. When the energy crunch hit in the mid-70’s, GM went to AMC and re-purchased ALL the equipment, and placed it back on the factory floor in the same places it had been 10 years prior. We built all the 3800’s on those old machines, and many times had to fabricate replacement parts, as none were available anymore. It just shows what pride the workers had in making a quality product, with little investment by the corporation. Those machines ran until being sold for scrap when 3800 production was ended in August 2008.


What a great discussion! Can I add a couple of observations?

Workhorse V6? I was always intrigued by the GM truck units of the sixties, and totally blown away by the twin-V6 in the big-rigs!

My first experience with a V6 was a '62 F85 Oldsmobile, shook the crap out of you at idle.

The Infiniti G35 V6 has to be one of the sweetest sounding vehicles out there. I still roll my windows down in any weather to experience the effect! Our daughter has a Nissan 370Z and it is only a nice exhaust system away from creating the same sounds.

I loved the 1.8 liter Mazda MX-3 V6 motor; only problem was grinding the starter/ring gear because you couldn’t tell it was running at idle unless you looked at the tachometer.

We currently have a '02 Toyota Solara with the 3-liter V6 and love it. It is a rare pearl-white cream puff with a tan leather interior and wood-trimmed dash. However it is a five-speed manual with TRD exhaust, suspension and shifter, Tokiko Blue struts and an Enjen air intake with K&N filter. Sweet sounding V6 when you put some boot to it. Had it about ten years now.

Once again, thoroughly enjoyable thread!


The 1999 to 2004 Mercury Cougar had the DOHC 2.5 V-6, great engine, good power & economy.cougar3 DSC01979 DSC02726