Hip replacement vs C4 Corvette


April 4th I am having right total hip replacement surgery. In the next few months it will be determined if I have to have the left hip done also. How hard will it be to get in and out of a C4 after I’m healed up? Now that spring is here should I just sell the Corvette?


Hey, I write this on the 4th so I hope it all went well. I would not be in a hurry to “just sell the Corvette”. Wait 'til you heal good and perhaps modify the way to get in and out but at least wait and see how it goes. Good luck!


All went well, right hip was totally shot. The left hip was re-evaluated in x rays during surgery and it is not much better. I realistically expect to have the left hip done also. I was told the range of motion for my leg will be about the same as a normal leg. There is hope getting in and out will be easier than before.

Thanks for your thoughts.