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The rebellion included automobiles . . . We were forever saying “what a trip” but showed little interest in the four-wheeled way to go on one. This despite previously being a generation of obsessive car fans. Show a Baby Boomer two square feet of sheet metal from any car manufactured between the time he was six and the time he smoked his first joint and he—and many a she—will tell you the make, model, year and, often, the horsepower. Furthermore, the sensation seeking, sexual indulgence, rootlessness and revolt of the counterculture were formed by the automobile. The bohemian/beatnik/hippie ethos begins with the “Ford baby” flapper, conceived in the back seat of a Model T, goes On the Road with Jack Kerouac, and winds up in a paisley VW Microbus delivering the flowers in my hair, and me, to San Francisco in the Summer of Love.

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The Problem was our couterculture combined with recession and the loss of the tastes for the big “parade-Floats” being left at the buyers–with nothing but a VW to buy, German car when we were not thrilled about Geermans–the good news was our entire car culture helped guid Ford to the Mustang, the Tempest GTO and the 63 Bacaruda… the platford for the path out of the counterculter to one of American Prosperity; for myself, the Mustang pointed the way back to the ols succesful American Novel niche of School, Sports, College+Marriage–and direction to a solid prosperity of Job, Home, School, Saving, second car, Pride, American ingenuity, past War, to the new American Pathway of Hippe Succes–called: Yuppies.