History of obsolete car audio, part 2: Record players


The first car radios were actually bulky home units that were disassembled and stuffed into vehicles wherever they might fit. These days, car radios are well-integrated and incredibly more high-functioning than their predecessors, and most drivers wouldn’t consider owning a car without one.

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Rob, thanks for bringing us back to the Fifties – my grandfather was a big 4-track fan in his '64 Deuce and a Quarter but I missed the in-car LP era. I can only imagine listening to Don Juan in Hell in a '56 Chrysler. I expect it would have changed my life.


Nice story. Lawrence Welk is in a Dodge not a Chrysler. Dodge was a longtime sponsor of his television show.


When I was a high school junior in 1968, my senior girlfriend dumped me—and ran off and married—a guy because, she actually said the words, “he has a record player in his car.”