Hold your horses: Mustang GT500’s 180-mph governor isn’t necessarily a bad thing


We’ve been itching for any details on the next coming of Ford’s most brutal Mustang since the “Trinity”-powered GT500 ceased production five years ago. Now that we’ve seen the new GT500, Ford is parceling out the stats in a slow tease that’s almost as excruciating as the one Dodge laid out for the Demon.

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Not only is it not a “bad thing,” but it’s a great thing! I can now truthfully say that my cammed C5 Vette is faster (but not quicker) than the 2020 GT500 :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing a programmer or a dyno tec can’t remove. Worst case is have a computer tech hack the software


The reasons that Detroit has for turning any boob with a fat enough wallet loose with 700+ horsepower simply escapes me. I am a dedicated car guy and believe that there are damn few drivers out there, regardless of their bank accounts, that are capable of controlling a car like that. Just sayin’.


I am sure the liability for tire failure at those speeds is horrendous.


Hey RAGTOP69, any chance (just guessing) your car is a 69’ Mustang convertible like mine?


I agree with R I got a cruiser 300 convertible were can you go 180 but a track and you’re insane if you’re doing on the road I had a GS400 that would do 130 in quarter mile in a street race I’m done with that ya too old lol