Holiday shopping for a car nut? Blipshift’s clever t-shirt designers have you covered

Blipshift.com is in the business of selling you something you didn’t know existed about five seconds before you absolutely have to have it. The site mainly sells T-shirts printed with car, motorcycle, and driving-oriented designs, but there’s a twist: The designs come and go at lightning speed. New ones post every day, and you have 48 hours to jump on them after they first appear or you might never get another chance. Thus, if you absolutely had to have a T-shirt with the words “What the” above the image of a Fuchs wheel, or a drawing of a turbocharger that says, “Stay in spool,” or the image of a new Toyota Tacoma that shares its wheels with the mirror image of a ’70s Toyota Hilux, then you have to hit the buy button when you see it.

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