Honda Mean Mower hits 100 mph in record 6.29 seconds

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend all day riding around on a slow lawn mower. Or maybe you do—and that’s fine—but for those of us who sweat high-test on a hot summer’s day, Honda is back with another iteration of the Mean Mower. The latest speed record proves this beheader-of-grass is king of the hill—and the holder of a record 6.29-second 0–100-mph run (for a lawn mower).

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“Honda doesn’t mention if the mower deck is still functional, even at slower speeds, but we can dream, right? I’m sure my neighbors would love if I slipped on my helmet Saturday morning and fired this beast up. At least I wouldn’t be out there long.”

Re view the video and you will learn that for Guinness to classify the vehicle as a lawn mower, it must resemble a lawn mower AND CUT GRASS…so YES…THE MOWER DECK IS FUNCTIONAL :woozy_face:

Hey honey, where is my fire suit and helmet, the back yard needs mowing?

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Uh…so that’s it ? $150K ( I’m sure that’s about what they spent ) to race a lawnmower.
Honda…the worlds biggest UNDERachiever.

That seems harsh. They spent money on a PR stunt, just like every other manufacturer of anything. Honda set a record, did a thing. Was it incredibly useful? Not in the least. It is fun to laugh about though, and that is okay. People can have fun.

Would love to see it performing on a golf course - 18 fairways in 18 minutes? there’s a challenge!

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Can you hook up a rototiller?

Does anyone tell you how to spend your money? It’s their choice how they promote their products & their money. Don’t you get that!!!

Running at 100mph with a 36" blade that’s cutting about 35 acres/hr.

The average PGA fairway is 90’ wide and the average course length is about 7,000yds give or take. That’s about 40-45 acres not counting greens, ruff, and out of bounds.

So, it would take about 4 beers to cut the entire course. (Not counting spills.)

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@Figuero - And at that pace I think there might be a few spills!

Sorry , honey, but I can’t go with you to your mother’s, I have to mow the lawn today…