Hoping to identify this car


I came across some old photos of my grandparents with their cars of the time. This is a photo of my grandmother with their car, the license plate is dated 1935. I am trying to identify the year, make and model. The hand-crank hole cover has a script “P” and the radiator shell has a small emblem that I thought looked like Chief Pontiac, but I haven’t found any Pontiac photos with this style of hood vents. I appreciate any help.

We also found two bumpers of similar vintage used to create a retaining wall in the rock garden if anyone has a use for them…


Ok, scratch the Peerless.It’s a 1929 Marmon Roosevelt Coupe. The emblem that you thought resembled Chief Pontiac is actually Teddy Roosevelt. Pretty unusual car even for it’s day as it was only made for 2 model years, Not sure what the letter “P” stood for over the crank hole, I think it’s actually an “R” but it is clearly visible in other pictures of the car.


I think you are on the right track! http://www.americandreamcars.com/1930marmonrooseveltcp111311.htm



I do believe you found it! Thank you!

I have several other cars to try to ID, but this was their first “family” car.


Happy to help. I love these kinds of “what is it” car puzzles, so keep them coming.