HorsePower War - Dodge Demon


I’m not excited for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon because I’m buying one or think I’ll ever drive one. I’m excited because of what the new Demon’s 840 hp represents. I was born in 1980, well after the Big Three’s (or was it four with AMC?) horsepower and drag race wars raged in the ‘60s. Boy, do I wish I could have seen them spar. Maybe I’m being selfish? But if Ford or General Motors take the bait, the Demon means renewed, OEM-supported, drag racing hostilities.

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Not seeing any interest in factory built supercars that one can buy with big money. Really enjoying cheap mods giving a lesson to money men. Recently have a 71 Charger with stroked 491 cc that goes 11.04 qm and costs less than 20 k.
Soon Tesla will humiliate all fuel engined cars anyway.


@kimmo.sali - Sounds like a pretty stout build for that 1971 Charger! Would love to hear the story and see a photo over in the “Your Stories” section!


@kimmo.sali I think Tesla has already proved that with their initial offerings IMO. Couple that with an actual focused effort, your opinion(and mine) will certainly be correct, only adding to the embarrassment that Detroit has undeniably worn for being decades, largely trailing many Japanese manufacturers from a ‘tech’ standpoint.


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