Hot Classic Cars - Hagerty's Top Chick Magnet Cars, According To Men


1932 Ford hot rod

He said: Nothing displays your own unique personality better than a classically styled hot rod built off a Little Deuce Coupe chassis. So many choices to make: Billet or chrome? $20,000 paint job or rat rod? Whether you opt for a period-correct Flathead Ford V-8, drop in a fire-breathing Chevy crate motor, or build it with something even more exotic (A 12-cylinder Ferrari motor? A Lexus V-8?), hot rods are the very definition of cool.

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To be trueing a “ Chick Magnet “ car means that the car has to attract women to want to get into the vehicle, no matter how ugly the owner is . These cars can be broken down to “WOW “ , “ Niiiice” , and “ cute” . As a general platform in the United States of the model choices —- convertibles would be the winners. Be careful of any choice that would get a response like “ my father or Grandfather use to own one “ ( unless her last name is Petty,Uncer,Shelby … ) and never underestimate the power of a two seater