Hot Rod Drag Week


Is anyone else watching the live stream or keeping up through the week?

Link for the live feed can be found here- Hot Rod Drag Week Live

Some seriously fast cars out there this year!


The Chevelle pic they are using as the YouTube thumb, wow.


The story behind that car is pretty cool. It was a neglected car rescued by a crew of Aussies for $1,500 just before Drag Week 2015. It completed 2015 with that mostly original driveline (I think they had to swap the transmission in the pits at some point) pulling a best ET of 14 seconds. Last year it came back with these massive turbos hanging out the hood and a modded big block making 1,300 hp. This afternoon it just put down a 9.00 ET at 138 MPH.


Wow. To be scratching the 8’s in a quarter with that kind of aero sticking through the hood is absolutely crazy.


He just ran an 8.76 at 158 MPH just moments ago!!! I’m curious to see how it runs later on. Most guys set their cars to “kill” at the last track. They’ll make a good pass then come around and try and set a PR or break it in the process. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a sub 8.5 second pass if they’re trying to keep the engine alive to make it to the last track.