Hot Wheels 2JetZ is Top Gun meets Mad Max meets... vegetable steamer?


Look! Out on the road! It’s a car! It’s a plane! It’s the 2JetZ! Wait a minute, what the heck is a 2JetZ?

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Genius and hard work!


I was lucky enough to meet Luis at the Bergen County Cars and Caffe 2017 Season Finale Car Show at Paramus NJ Garden State Plaza where I was helping the event organizer. I was responsible for directing the Very Important Cars (VIC) into a special display area reserved for the Best Of The Best. This event had 7000+ cars show up for a 4 hour event. YES that is SEVEN THOUSAND and we had OVER 10,000 show for the 2018 Season Finale! If you want to attend the BIGGEST EVENT OF ITS KIND in the NYC, area check out the Bergen County Cars and Caffe Facebook and Instagram Pages. Hopefully you will get to see the 2JetZ in person (HINT, HINT Luis).
I saw the 2JetZ come around a corner in a sea of 500 Lambos, 700 Ferraris and over 1,000 Porsches and it was INCREDIBLE! Needless to say I ran up to Luis and said “This is awesome! Follow me, you’re getting in VIC”. This car was the hit of the show! It was parked next to a Konigsegg, 2 Paganis, 2 Bugatti Veyrons, a Porsche 959, a half dozen Porsche Carrera GT, a Ferrari F40, F50 and La Ferrari, and there were more people trying to get a picture of it than the rest of the cars surrounding it.

CONGRATS to Luis for winning the Hot Wheels contest! I know you did it for the pleasure of creating your own art and its nice to see good people like you get the recognition for your vision and mechanical skills. TV is full of big time builders doing one-off cars for super wealthy clients with bottomless pockets of cash. This should serve as inspiration to the rest of us that anything is possible if you work hard at your skills.

Now that you made the Big League, I hope we get to see it at the 2019 Season Opener in May where we expect to have 10,000 cars show as we did for the 2018 Season Ender!

I’ll look for you Luis; I’m pretty sure I can get you a spot in VIC!