How a ’74 Jag taught me how to just relax and look good


Whether you marry for love, money, or security is frankly none of my business. Who’s to say what works? Same philosophy for cars. If that new ride is a savvy investment, a doomed project for the love of wrenching, or a purely practical purchase—you do you. For my part though, how I look in a car has never entered the picture. At least, not until I spent four days in a 1974 Jaguar XJ6. It was a lesson in vanity, and I think I’m forever changed.

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Love the article. Last year I bought one of my dream cars, a 1980 Jaguar XJS. I’ve wanted one since I was a little kid, and I know it’s not the usual dream car for someone in their 30’s but it’s one I always loved. I was also concerned about reliability issues and therefore I started looking for one that had a swapped engine. Mine has an engine from a 76 Olds Tornado, a 455…it’s such a fun car ! Since buying this one, my interest in Jags has increased and someday I’ll probably buy another, but this one is staying in my garage for a long time. It joined my other fun collectible car, a 94 Corvette, which I bought back in 2004. Both are so much fun to drive, even if they are not the most sought out cars from those makes.


@Timstadler80 - That’s awesome you found the XJS you were hunting for. An odd engine swap, can’t say I have ever seen an Oldsmobile stuffed under the bonnet of a Jaguar. Bet it makes a great driver though!


had 5 jags at the same time when I was in my thirties. needed 5 to keep 1 on the road. But they were all beautiful. 69xke-conv. 74 xke conv. automatic w/hard top v 12. 85 xj6 sedan. 87 xjs. new 88 xjs v 12 conv. . I still have the 88 and 74 convertables


Ran onto some English blokes up in Ontario years ago who were inventors and entrepreneurs. Their side hobby was transplanting small block Chevys into Jag sedans. They said the Jag engines were expensive and unreliable, but loved “their” combo for the ride and price. I guess they were onto a good thing.