How a Holley four-barrel carburetor is made


If you’ve driven a car equipped with a Holley carb, chances are that carburetor was built in Holley’s Bowling Green, Kentucky, factory. That’s because Holley has been building carburetors in the same facility for more than 50 years. From tiny two-barrels to monster, big-block-feeding Dominators and the EFI throttle bodies that feed NASCAR V-8s, this single factory does it all.

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Thank you for the article & photos on how Holley Carburetors are built, assembled, & tested. It brought back many memories from the days when we used to rebuild these carburetors by disassembling them, cleaning them, & finally installing kit and making the proper bench adjustments and then mounting the carburetor on an engine and setting the proper mixture and idle speed. All mostly memories now.


WOW, I was in Bowling Green when I picked up the C7, HOPEFULLY I’ll pick up a C8 and I want to make an appointment to go on a tour of Holley plant!


Very cool, Brandan!

Thanks for taking us along.

  • Jim


It was great to see that assembly plant! The 50 year old “patina” is apparent and it is good to see local people of great vintage are still employed! Who knows - maybe casting and all machining will come back someday…


Rebuilt many of them and they were easy to adjust, maintain and realiable. Just pick the size you wanted and Holly made one for your car.