How All Girls Garage Host Bogi Lateiner brought 90 women together to build a ’57 Chevy pickup


Bogi Lateiner is an ASE-certified Master Technician, shop owner, and perhaps best known as a host of Velocity’s All Girls Garage. She uses her celebrity status to encourage education and training in the automotive trade, especially for women. As part of that mission, Bogi headed up an all-women build of a custom 1957 Chevy pickup, called the Montage, which made its debut at the 2017 SEMA Show.

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Congratulations! This is absolutely awesome.
I have only met a couple of women in my life who knew how to maintain a car, much less turn a wrench.
I insisted that my stepdaughter put together her own car, which she did and one of the granddaughters today is interested in maintaining her own car when she gets one. So I guess that over the next couple of years, I will make certain that she gets tools to help her along.


The “trades” need people. They don’t need women…or men. Just skilled people. I have serious doubts that Lateiner really gets calls all the time from QUALIFIED women not being hired because they’re women. If you have skills you will be hired and no one will care if you sit or stand. Sounds more like self-serving demagoguery.


I have two daughters and tried to steer them away from cars when they were younger. It is my passion and felt that they should follow their passion. I would support their interests either way. Glad to see Bogi that you provided an opportunity for women who have the same passion that I share. As for my daughters, anytime you want to jump into the hobby, I will share my tools with you and show you what I have learned. Great job ladies and I hope to see that truck at the autocross tracks.


Sorry to hear you feel that way. I agree that we need more trades people in general, male or female. I also know that women frequently don’t get exposed to the trades or encouraged to pursue them if they do show an interest. I do, very often, hear from women who are struggling to find a shop to give them a chance. Sometimes being told being because they are women, and sometimes because they are new and inexperienced. But how is one to get experience if no one will give you a chance? When i was coming up as a tech 17 years ago, i was literally laughed out of more shops then i care to recall. That’s not to say that i didn’t also have a huge number of great mentors and allies in the industry. Things are changing, but there are still significant barriers for women in the trades. And considering the massive nation wide shortage of trades people… Bridging this gap, and having this conversation, in my opinion, is an important thing to do.


Historically there have always been careers dominated by one gender or another. Nursing by women, technicians/mechanics by men. But there have long been statutes in place that any shop worth working at would not risk violating by outwardly telling some woman they not being hired because of their gender. VERY hard to believe. In fact, with the diversity and affirmative action watch-dogs out there frankly women may even be getting preferential treatment. You might hear such complaints because of your involvement in projects that are the subject of this article. But that doesn’t make it valid or real. And your own chicken or egg complaint of how to get experience if you can’t get hired is as old as any trade and certainly not gender specific.
If any skilled woman wants to get into the industry they certainly can…probably easier than a male.


I have worked in automotive service for over 40 years. The number of female tech’s is small, and only very slowly increasing. I do believe there is a lot of prejudice against a female tech and even though discrimination based on sex is not legal it still happens. It is also illegal to discriminate based on age, but try to get a job when you are 64.


For someone to claim that they were TOLD they weren’t getting hired because of their gender is just too hard to believe. Just as being TOLD you’re not hired because you’re too old.