How Coventry Climax’s inline-four evolved from humble water pumper to racing live wire

After World War II, the tech genie emerged from its lamp to herald the most fruitful period of engine design car enthusiasts had ever enjoyed. Aston Martin and Jaguar introduced breakthrough DOHC straight-six engines. Ferrari launched its spectacular SOHC V-12. New high-compression V-8s armed Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Studebaker, and Chrysler with legitimate bragging rights. In England, Coventry Climax gave the lowly inline four-cylinder engine a stay of execution.

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Ok so now I want one. How stupid expensive and hard to find are they?
Perfect engine for an early Ford

Never knew much about them, thanks for a good read with plenty of details. :+1:

Back in the 60s I was on a SCCA racing team and we ran a Boudreau sportsraceing car. Named after it’s crater Nade Boudreau. It was a rear engine car and ran (back then) in the SCCA F modified class. It had and 1.500 liter Coventry Climax. It was a vary good engine and we were very fast in the class. Nade told us we would get 18 hours of racing and then should rebuild it. The last race of the season would put 18 hours and 30 minutes on it. We ran it and Nade was right it blew up at 18 hours and 15 minutes. The car sat for a year and then we set out to rebuild it. But SCCA changed the class to B sportsracing and 1500 cc was at the bottom class and 2000 cc was the max. So we bought a 2700 cc engine that had been in Jimmy Clark’s Tasman series car. there were only 11 of them made. We put a 1500 cc crank in it and that brought down to 2000 cc. Only got to run it one time at Lagua when we crashed on turn three and that was the end of our racing. We didn’t have the funds to repair it and it was sold. Sure do wish I knew where that cars is today.