How Do I find How Many of My Car is In The Country?


Hi, I have a 1960 Sunbeam Rapier mk3 and was wondering how many of them were in the states… I was told there is about 6 known ones but was wondering if anyone knows a better way to identify how many of a specific vehicle there are in the country.
Thanks, John


I don’t think there is any definitive way to do this.

Hagerty keeps track of how many of a given vehicle they insure or have given quotes on. Sometimes they run stories about cars that have very little insurance activity under headlines like “These cars are almost extinct.” Of course this is not helpful for cars where the owner never contacted Hagerty.

Every state keeps vehicle registration data but I don’t think they just give this out to the average citizen. Even that would not cover non-street-legal cars that are just sitting in barns.

For some specialty cars enthusiast clubs will attempt to build an online registry. They’ll put in an entry for every example of the car they find out about. But they can’t count the ones they don’t know about.


Great! Thanks for the advice, will see what I can do to figure it out.