How drift mania is making clean Nissan 240SXs a hot commodity

Vintage Nissans are more and more gaining attention from collectors and driving enthusiasts alike, but one model—the 240SX—is attracting a whole different kind of collector. In this space you’ll find enthusiasts who want a more pure, unspoiled taste of what is perhaps Japan’s most beloved drift car.

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I got a unicorn for you. A 5-speed Aztec Red 1991 240sx fastback(S13) with 8500 miles. With the sports, Hicas, and limited slip differential package. Original owner with all factory parts. No rust, no dents and would probably rated 95% because I know where all the unseen minor defects. It is garaged and never driven in snow.

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my 1990 240sx with an RB25DET NEO from a 99’ Skyline GT-T, most fun you can have on a track for sure!

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Greetings! I also have a unicorn - A Canadian Unicorn!!
I bought the car in October 1993, fearing that it was going to be the only time to buy a new, rear-wheel drive sports car before all the smaller models (such as the Toyota Corolla) went front-wheel. The car is a fully loaded SE Coupe - leather interior, power windows, heads up display and power door locks - LS Rear End - and a 5 speed manual. The paint is pearl white metallic, and in very good condition - only the slightest of repaired stone chips. No dents or other damage. All original, including the optional dealer installed CD player. The only upgrades were Bosch H4 sealed beam replacements to improve on the beam pattern. The car has never been out in the winter, and is rarely even out in the rain. The A/C is functional and still blows cold. Being a Canadian model, she has daytime running lights in the front bumper and manual three-point seat belts. The odometer currently reads just under 85,000 kms (just over 50,000 miles). Great driving car, and ultra reliable too! So glad to see this unsung car getting some collector praise at last!IMG_0295

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Lyle, I have the other Canadian Unicorn: a '92 SE Fastback with HICAS, 5-speed, etc. although it doesn’t have the leather or the heads up. I’m not sure about the LS Rear End (let me know how to check for that). It has 122Km on the clock, but has been meticulously maintained, both under the hood and inside. Will be taking it on a road trip of the twisties in the Texas Hill Country in April.

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I had a 97 240 with a s15 front end, with a 2jz swap, that thing was fun as hell to drive, I also had 2 s13 with sr20 swaps…best all around car, I built a drift car for like 11k…where else can you get one that cheap

Hey LDAJR7, sharp looking car! Hope that your road trip is fun.

I’m not 100% sure how to check for the LS rear end. I know it was standard on the 1993 LE model (per the sales literature). As yours has the HICAS system though, you may have it as part of that package.