How drift mania is making clean Nissan 240SXs a hot commodity


Vintage Nissans are more and more gaining attention from collectors and driving enthusiasts alike, but one model—the 240SX—is attracting a whole different kind of collector. In this space you’ll find enthusiasts who want a more pure, unspoiled taste of what is perhaps Japan’s most beloved drift car.

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I got a unicorn for you. A 5-speed Aztec Red 1991 240sx fastback(S13) with 8500 miles. With the sports, Hicas, and limited slip differential package. Original owner with all factory parts. No rust, no dents and would probably rated 95% because I know where all the unseen minor defects. It is garaged and never driven in snow.


Here is a picture of the car.


my 1990 240sx with an RB25DET NEO from a 99’ Skyline GT-T, most fun you can have on a track for sure!