How Ford’s iconic Mustang came to be... and almost didn’t

November 1960 was a truly momentous month for America. On November 1, President Eisenhower said that the U.S. would “take whatever steps [were] necessary” to defend the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. On November 3, Explorer 8 was launched to study the Earth’s ionosphere. On November 4, filming wrapped on the movie that would be both Clark Gable’s and Marilyn Monroe’s last, The Misfits. On November 8, Democrat Senator John F. Kennedy narrowly beat Republican Vice President Richard M. Nixon for the U.S. presidency. And on November 10, Lee Iacocca was named vice president and general manager of Ford Motor Company’s Ford Division.

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Of course now it seems so obvious, it’s hard to imagine how management could not have seen the untapped potential of the Pony car segment.

Now they spend an enormous amount of energy trying to determine what the next generation of buyers will want.

It seems the next generation doesn’t really want to buy at all. The also don’t want an ICE for power or to be in command of the vehicle. I believe the manufacturers see developing ride sharing fleets of electric pods as our future. Instead of buying a car, your subscription service will be loaded in your phone and waiting for your conveyance request.

Nope. Individual vehicle ownership will always be the leading transportation method in this nation. “Ride sharing” will work only in major metro areas. In the rest of America wait times to get a ride will trump cost savings (if there are any) simply because people are impatient.

Phil in TX

Nice summary, Gary; thanks for the thorough review.

Do you remember using my 1973 Mustang convertible in your early, 1979-copyright book, Mustang; The Complete History of America’s Pioneer Ponycar? It had about 17,400 miles on it at the time Roy Query photographed it for your book.

I still have it! It now has 17,951 miles on it and is still riding on its OEM tires!