How many 914 people on here?

I have a 1970 Porsche 914. Love this car. I have four other cars, British, well three are Scottish and one is British depending on your national identity :smiley: I was fortunate to get the car as I have been into Minis and other British cars for a long time and learned my mechanical skills building and rebuilding them as well as motorcycles too. My skills got me a job working on a few friend’s cars and having built my 1966 Sunbeam Imp, a friend who bought an Imp had me work on his.

After a few weeks he bought a 914, then after a few more weeks he found another he liked and offered me the first 914 in exchange for work on his cars. I really wanted a 914 and this is to me a great one to have as it is an early 1970 car and yes some paint retouching is needed, but it has 60,000 miles and once I added the twin Weber IDF44s and a Triad exhaust and it is just so much fun. American Racing wheels were another addition that I bought from my friend as well as Cobra bucket seats. It is such a fun car.

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