How much does the 2020 Toyota Supra suspension share with the BMW Z4?

The new Toyota Supra has arrived, sharing a platform with the BMW. There has been a lot of discussion regarding how much they share and whether the Supra is just a Z4 with Toyota sheet metal draped over it. Toyota’s engineers state that the car is completely unique and that they even cut off communication with the BMW teams at one point to keep the development independent, but the parts diagrams appear to tell a different story.

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Why does the Supra have less power than the BMW?

Just buy a BMW, unless you want this Hyundai Tiburon clone for some reason

Toyota has made a big mistake using BMW to make their new Supra especially since the entire car is shares almost everything with the Z4. Why didn’t Toyota just engineer their own car since they are more than capable of doing so?

@killian96ss - The short answer is likely cost. Developing cars is expensive. I’ve heard numbers in the multi-billion (with a B) range to create a new car. Sharing that cost with another manufacturer creates a more affordable end product and also likely cuts development time and setbacks to a minimum.

Just think, we buy Toyota’s because they din’t break

Everybody goes to (or rips-off) the Germans for the good stuff. :wink:

Having owned many Toyotas and wrenched on them professionally, I am curious how the maintenance costs and reliability of the new Supra will compare to Toyotas of yore. With Supra hardware apparently being a reskinned BMW, I have my suspicions. :smirk:

Why didn’t they just use the Lexus RC platform or modify one. “Good Stuff” from German car makers? They are all overpriced junk by the time that the warranty is up if not sooner. I would rather see Toyota get in bed with Hyundai. I was holding out for a new Supra but the RC will be a better car and no matter what the C8 Corvette will hold it’ Value better than the new Supra. Like them or not the C8 will have them all drooling for the price.