How one man bought back his long-lost 1966 Ford Mustang, accidently


It was meant to be. Oh, sure, lots of people say stuff like that, but when it comes to Tab Lagow and his 1966 Ford Mustang convertible, it’s difficult to argue otherwise.

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I am the original owner of a 1967 Mustang Coupe which I purchased on 07/06/67 at Jericho Ford in Mineola, NY. I went thru a bad divorce during which my X sold it. In 2010 I located the car San Diego and bought it back. I have been restoring it since and it is almost complete. 061017-1


On the subject of amazing coincidences in 1979 I bought a 28 Model A Ford open cab truck from a guy about 500 miles from my home. I happened to stop in the small village for gas and a Coke and spotted it sitting near a shack where the owner lived. I asked if it was for sale and he said “where do you live?” I told him and he said, yes it was for sale. I was driving a truck with an empty trailer so we did the deal and I hauled it home, restored it and enjoyed many years with it but eventually it was parked in the back of my storage building when other cars took precedence. About 4 years ago a fellow who had moved in down the road some years earlier and became a friend mentioned that he was looking to find a Model A to restore. I suggested he buy mine instead as I hadn’t used it for years. He came over and saw it for the first time and we agreed on a deal. He then asked me where I got it and I told him. He said, “that’s where I grew up, who did you buy it from?” I told him and he was astounded. He said “I tried to buy that old truck when I was 17 and the guy told me to pound sand”. Seems he wouldn’t sell it to anyone in the local region and he wanted it to go far away as it brought back sad memories since his father had been run over and killed by it.


I too brought back my first car that I loved a 70 Cuda, and it is still setting 20 years later. after having to engines stole from me and have to move around. with it .
read the hole sad story at go fund me > gf,me/u/h8nk4