How Super Duty turned Pontiac into a performance icon


In 1956, Semom Emil “Bunkie” Knudsen rose to the position of general manager at General Motors’ then-struggling Pontiac. His long-term plan was to revamp the division’s stodgy image into one with more youthful appeal. “You can sell a young man’s car to an old man, but you can’t sell an old man’s car to a young man,” he said. The Super Duty program was a major part of Knudsen’s strategy.

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Nice history of Super Duty. No GranPrix in 1961 though. Packer Pontiac had a SD Swiss Cheese Catalina. Were they the Detroit area Pontiac performance dealership in 1963? If so, how/why did Royal Pontiac become the Pontiac performance dealership in 1964 with the Royal Bobcat? These two Pontiac dealerships were fairly close to each other.


This is interesting,why do you not mention the 1960 Catalina SD Pontiac? Ronnie Sox drove one at Concord SC and beat everything including all 1960 Chevrolet Daytona Special engine cars! I wish I owned that car today!


My all time favorite – 1965 GTO! gun metal blue, black vinyl top, 4 speed, never lost a street drag race. I know, stupid thing to do! That was THE THING to do with a hot car back then!