How the Impala SS became a 1990s classic


Twenty-five years ago this November, at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet displayed what must have been one of the easiest-ever concept cars to build. Produced by GM’s Special Vehicles Group under the direction of Jon Moss, the Impala SS (Super Sport) was long, low, painted all black and looked ready to burn rubber.

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I’ve had my eye on another legendary nameplate sure to become a '90s classic: the 1991 Mercury Cougar. This was the first generation for the smooth-riding fully independent rear suspension and '91 marked the return of the five point ohhh.

There are definitely some super-clean examples out there and the prices are very reasonable compared to similar Thunderbirds!


The HO 5.0 was the hot engine. You could work it to some extent, but the IRS limited the traction, as did the short rear end sheet metal. I have owned Cougars since 1967, with the exception of the FWD cars. Now I am looking for a decent 67-68 to restore.


When this car came out I was 12. I can tell you this. If somebody had it around the DC hoods they was doin it. This car was and is a hood classic. An instant hood classic. Some like any gbody or old school caddilac. Now days if you see one around the DMV at a car show they get instant respect. Even at the import shows.


Love these cars. Anyone who wants to join the national club please go to www.issca.org


Out of all the vehicles I’ve owned, this one is on the “Top 10 I Want Back” list. Bought a new 2008 Bullitt back in the day, and had a '95 Mustang GT, an Explorer and a black '96 SS. The wife had a PT Cruiser, so the SS and the GT had to leave home to keep the peace.


Love these cars !! [DGGM 1996] got one in 2001 with 69K, still DD with 294K on the clock.