How to Change your Username


A great part of our forums is making your profile an extension of yourself. Follow these steps to update your username that will display when you post and comment.

  • Select the colored circle with a letter in it (or your profile picture) located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the gear wheel on the drop down menu
  • Under Username select the pencil in the grey square
  • Update Username - Remember this is what will display anytime you post
  • Select Change
  • Save changes on Preferences page


I may haves missed something but no gray square with a pencil appears under ‘username’…only with ‘profile’ picture. But thank you Mike for the assistance.


I’m having the same problem - no way to edit/change the username.


@PeterS - Sorry it’s not working for you. I’ll send you a private message and if you respond with the username you would like to change to, I will take care of that for you.