How to find a local car appraiser?

A friend needs to get a car appraised. What’s the best way to find one in our local area?

@dangraves - I would reach out to Auto Appraisal Group. I have had great luck with them in the past. It is a network of certified appraisers, so there is likely one in your area.

I am an appraiser that specializes in classic cars.

Look at https://www.appraisers.org or https://www.isa-appraisers.org/ and use the “Find an Appraiser” search. The short answer is that you need an accredited or a candidate appraiser from the ASA or the ISA to inspect and report on your car. Should you end up in court the first question asked will be "is your appraiser accredited or a candidate appraiser with the ISA or ASA? No? The report goes in the paper shredder. The nationwide networks are OK if the appraiser is qualified. Assume that the inspector will photograph and inspect the car and then send the info to a central office to write the report. It’s legitimate but ask the appraiser exactly what they will do and by when.

Some other tips:

  1. The fee for the appraisal should be a fixed fee and not a % of the value. I charge $375. I recently appraised a $5.5M Porsche and then a very rare engine. Both appraisals cost $375.
  2. 100% of the appraisal assignment and report must be kept confidential between you and the appraiser. We can’t even discuss that we did the assignment. Some customers allow me to use the photos, etc for Marketing but that’s rare and usually means I did the job for free and need the job for Marketing.
  3. It takes me 6 hours to appraise a car. This includes 2 for inspection, photos, videos, 2 for research, and 2 for writing the report. It takes 5 calendar days to complete an assignment. If you have me appraise 8 cars it will take 40 calendar days to complete the job.
  4. Your appraiser should not be in the business of buying or selling classic cars. If they see your car and want to buy it they can appraise it but the interest needs to disclosed in the report.
  5. Only public records of sold cars (auctions or a letter from a seller/dealer) can be used as comparables. eBay and Bring A Trailer do not produce verified sales prices. Using cars that are for sale is never allowed.
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