How to find value when You live abroad


I have been trying to se the value of the Excelsior motoryckles of the 20:s. But whenn i but in the mark and model (serie 20 1921)nothing shows up? Would not Excelsior be quite a common subject of value as one was sold recently at Mecum för 110 000 USD? And second when you tryb to find out a valute they ask for a zipcode. Living abroad it is impossible to get on from that point unless you make a phone all from Sweden to the US?


@hakan.wasen - It look like the Excelsior your are looking for can be found here- Hagerty Valuation Tools Link

Hagerty’s Valuation Tools does not request location information, so I cannot speak to other places you might have looked for information.


Thank You very much from Sweden…I think they will have to reconsider after the Mecum auctionwhere a condition1 was sold for 110 k