how to fix a 1968 bmw r60 with roadside trash


To think we would casually ride 50-year-old motorcycles around all day without a single issue was optimistic, but hey, the roadside headache was ultimately for a good cause.

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Regarding the Guzzi running out of fuel-- you were right to think it was a filter, but wrong to think you couldn’t fix it on the road. This bike is hugely fixable on the road. We once took a section of bungie cord metal-end and made a pin for the Guzzi’s distributor gear. I think it’s still there…

The carb that ran out of fuel will have a tiny mesh screen just inboard of the fuel line bolt on the carb itself. Unbolt the fitting, leave the filter in place and just tap it lightly to rid the crudzooie. Done. Back to showing the BMW how it’s done…

Mr. Natch.