How to turn $47K lot trash into $116K auction treasure

If there is any sacrament left to us in this degraded age—this unendearingly departed decade of decline, with its tiresome genuflection before food trucks, its orgiastic idolatry of spiraliing real-estate prices on the avenues of the elect, its Olympic-platform swan dive into the Narcissus pool of our own social-media bellybuttons, the saccharine-sweet melange of cynicism and detachment which washes over everything we see and hear until we have a Moonlighting filter’s worth of obscurity standing between us and anything remotely resembling true meaning?

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“Make Lincoln (and Cadillac) great” is the takeaway --maybe substitute great for elite?

I kind of agree with the article. Be a true luxury brand, don’t offer cheaped-down entry points. GM in particular never should have done this when they had so many brands to ladder you up to it.

I like the new Continentals. Not sure I will be able to afford one when they are 10 years old. But maybe I could of got a new Delta 88 if GM still believed in cars and their brands.

I wonder if the buyers of the coach-door version are less price-sensitive because they are mostly livery companies? If I were running an Uber Black fleet or a Turo microfleet, it would be a no-brainer decision to choose the coach door version. I’d care a lot more about utilization % than the lease payment. At $4k - $10k / month in rentals, it would be robustly profitable even with a $1600-1800 / month lease payment. And the lease costs would be deductible anyway.

Adjusted for utilization %, a $100k coach-door Conti is likely more profitable than a $60k base Conti.

As for the rest of it, well, I’d love to see a resurgence of proper sedans. If they would give them the same tow ratings that Caddies and Lincolns had in the '70s, they could take the place of many an SUV.

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I wish Ford and Lincoln would bring back the Crown Vic and Town Car! Seen some pics of a modernized concept of the Vic and looks badass. But both should loss the depts. that do in house customizing… that should help to keep the cost down. And then you can customize it yourself… makin it priceless.!.!

Jack, you once wrote a terrific post on how to rebuild Lincoln for TTAC. Now, I’m reminded to look that one up agai.

I bought a 10 year old S600 that retailed new for $140K for $25K. It needed a few things as any 10 year old car needs and I put $5K into it to bring it back. But I love it. I will probably do the same thing with the Continental in 10 years. Do you think it will hold value better than a Mercedes?

I basically love this Continental. Unfortunately, I have to treat this love as a guilty pleasure, and keep it hid. I drive later model BMWs, and have a 2002tii. My friends/family would think I was body-snatched if I told them how I feel about this car.

I agree w/Jack’s premise, too.

But here’s why I probably won’t ever get one (even when they are $20k in 3 or 4 years). They made the car too small. I LOVE the styling, but it doesn’t have quite enough road presence. It literally is 10-20% too small. Maybe I will come to appreciate its size. But that was a missed opportunity - the car could have been so much more “wow” than it is.

I basically love all Lincolns now. And BMW is sort of losing me; or they never had that tight a grip on me.

Oh my the Aviator…

Mr. Baruth, it appears you are a connoisseur of that fine example of television entertainment, Weeds. You continue to amaze me.

I own a 2017 Continental Black Label. I purchased it new, almost 2 years ago. I can say that it is an absolute pleasure to drive. I was excited to see the prototype when it was promoted in 2014/2015. The 30 way seats are what really sold my wife and I. As optioned, it punches way, way above it’s class. And, you can have it serviced in any small town USA or Canada, a feature we couldn’t do with our previous VW. The ‘suicide door’ model is approximately 70K more (almost double) that what I paid for my car… and I would seriously consider it. If you have seen one, they are JUST THAT COOL!!!

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