How to value a NOS vintage motorcycle engine


I have a 1963 Velocette motorcycle engine / transmission assembly that was purchased brand new in the 60s and then never used. I am not so much looking for a ‘valuation’ as I am keen on hearing how people would come up with a value.

I don’t want to give it away, but I don’t want to be unreasonable. Reality is my main objective is to ensure it goes to a good home after our family has spent over half a century with it sitting on the basement work bench.

Do I use the cost to rebuild an engine as a guide?
Do I set its value as a certain percentage of the current market value of the model of cycle it is from?
Do I roll dice and see what number comes up?




Personally, I would use a combination of the motorcycle it belongs to and cost of parts.

See if there is any engine parts listed for sale (crankcases, pistons, cylinder heads), then total up the value of the engine just based on its parts.

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I have seen some parts for sale, so that may be a good way to proceed - I will do a little online ‘shopping’ - thanks for the idea Kyle.