How would you spend $10K at Scottsdale’s auctions?


The Russo and Steele auction experience is unlike anything else. Other auctions have bigger bleachers and tall stages, but at Russo the cars are literally the center of attention, driven right through the middle of the room where master showman and Russo and Steele proprietor Drew Alcazar interacts with every single vehicle. Bidders, whose seats flank the car on each side, are encouraged to approach the vehicle under the lights for a closer look as Russo’s animated ringmen add to the spectacle. Every car gets its moment to shine.

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How can you resist a gorgeous looking Jaguar even if it’s been “Buickized”?
BMWs are plentiful, but the Jags of this generation are a too good to pass up.
Sign me up for the Jag!


Used German barges can cost a lot to maintain. 04 CL55 AMG, $93,000 NEW, $7,500 used. Price does not surprise for this Big Beemer.